Conference venue:
Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM)


The conference itself will be held at the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM), a unique cultural institution that links artistic concepts with the technologies of tomorrow. Established in 1989 as a public foundation, the ZKM combines research, production, events, archives, and exhibitions. It serves as an interdisciplinary platform for theoretical discourse between the worlds of science, art, politics, philosophy, and economics. The ZKM strives to promote and improve the public’s understanding of the world by raising awareness of the current issues and problems of modern society. To accomplish this task, the institution aims to use art, technology, and international cooperation as their leading methods of communication, to share their insights and knowledge with the public.

Source: Robert Fuge / KIT


Current BioMedia exhibition


In parallel to the conference, the ZKM is hosting the “BioMedia – The Age of Media with Life-like Behavior” exhibition. It displays and discusses the philosophical and technological possibilities of using life itself as source code to bridge the gap between biology and information theory.


As part of the conference program, the ZKM will open the BioMedia exhibition as well as the permanent collection exclusively for the conference participants.