The program for the conference is ready!

We look forward to three outstanding keynote speakers, a scientific program with more than 50 presentations and an inspiring poster session.

Anyone wishing to arrive on Sunday is invited to come to ITAS. We will talk about platformization (as a digital future for technology assessment) and present activities such as and


Sunday, July 24, 2022 

5-8 pm 

openTA in and for a Changing World 

Platformization as part of our Digital Future(s): and; Venue: ITAS main building, Karlstraße 11, Karlsruhe 

Monday, July 25, 2022 

1.00 pm 

Registration: Welcome Coffee and Snack 

2.00 pm 

Opening Addresses 

2.15 pm 

Keynote Payal Arora: Inclusive Design and the Pathway to Action 

3.15 pm 

Coffee Break 

3.45 pm 


Emerging technologies: new challenges for social values? 

Digitalization, transparency and democracy I 

The four emerging technologies in the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond 

Ethical reflections in the assessment of technologies I 

5.15 pm 


5.30 pm 

Poster Discussion 

7.00 pm 

Dinner at ZKM Foyer 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 

9.00 am 

Keynote Jeanette Hofmann: Imagining democracy through the lens of learning machines 

10.00 am 

Coffee Break 

10.30 am 


Emerging technologies: Humans and AI 

Ethical reflections in the assessment of technologies II 

Health & Care 

Digitalization, transparency and democracy II 

12.00 pm 


1.30 pm 


Values, Work and Industry I 


New methods for integrating TA in technology development 


3.00 pm 

Coffee Break 

3.30 pm 

Keynote Doris Allhutter: Digital Future(s) of Welfare and the Power of Infrastructure 

4.30 pm 


4.45 pm 

Special Opening ZKM exhibitions & Introduction from ZKM curator 

Free exploring of the BioMedia exhibition at ZKM with some highlighted artworks 

7.00 pm 

Dinner Karlsruhe Cantina Majolika: Food Stations and Music 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022 

9.00 am 


Cybersecurity & Dual-use technologies 

Impact of TA and policy advice 

Parliamentary TA around the world

Values, Work and Industry II 

10.30 am 


11.00 am 

Round Table on the governance of Digital Futures – a pacing problem?

12.30 pm 

Closing Address 

12.45 pm 

Farewell with lunch packages